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Contract No. DE-AC09-08SR22470 with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions LLC

Description of Modification M001

The purpose of this modification is to:

  1. Adjust the period of performance in the original contract - Sections B and F are changed to reflect (i) the actual award date rather than the anticipated award date specified in the Request for Proposal (RFP) and (ii) the actual performance periods and term of contract as a result of the stay of performance due to a protest of the contract award and the notice to proceed. The originally intended term (after the transition term) of a base contract period of five years and an option to extend for up to five additional years remains unchanged, except for the actual dates. As a result of adjusting the performance dates, the originally awarded fixed fee and total available fee have been reallocated to the applicable adjusted performance periods.
  2. Incorporate the RFP amendments - The original contract was awarded without discussions with the incorporation of the three RFP amendments by reference. Each of the RFP amendments is hereby incorporated into the text of the contract.
  3. Revise fill-in information contained in Section I clauses - I.17 and I.50.
  4. Restate the contract in its entirety – As a result of the changes above, this modification is a restatement of the entire contract through modification M001. Except as provided herein, all terms and conditions of the document referenced in block 10A, remained unchanged and in full force and effect.

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